Group Discussion and Individual Response


Item Language Candidate per group Preparation time Contest Time
Group Discussion and Individual Response English 4 candidates 10 minutes1 8 minutes2

1 Contest Staff have the right to adjust the contest time according to the actual number participants.
2The discussion lasts for 8 minutes per group. A minute will be given to each candidate to answer questions raised by the examiner.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment Rubrics Marks Deduction Item
Pronunciation and Delivery 25% Communication Strategies 25% vocabulary and Language Patterns 25% Ideas and Organization 25% Over Time 3

3 Marks will be deducted if the speech exceeds the specific time limit by 5 seconds.

Assessment Form

Assessment Tips

Pronunciation and Delivery

*Pronunciation of words is clear and accurate.

*Use of stress and intonation enhances communication.


Communication Strategies

*Use a wide range of strategies to maintain interaction

*Use body language to enhance communication.

Vocabulary and Language Patterns

*Applied varied and appropriated vocabulary.

*Use accurate and appropriate language patterns.

Ideas and Organization

*Clearly express and develop relevant information and ideas.

*Sustain conversational exchanges.

*Expand topics cogently with explanations and details



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